Clear Plastic Bicycle Jacket
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Clear Plastic Bicycle Jacket
Why are men afraid of letting their beauty shine in the rain? What do we have to lose?

When I was a child, I was walking in the rain to see a movie at the Stuart Theatre in Boston.

In front of the theatre, I saw this man who was wrapped in clear plastic sheets to keep himself dry in the rain. He was tall and I had to look up at him.

He looked down at me and saw that I was soaking wet as I was not wearing any raincoat. He offered to open up his clear plastic cocoon and invite me inside with him.

Unfortunately, I had to decline his offer because the movie was getting ready to start and the theatre was right there a few feet away.

If, by the way, you were that gentleman standing in front of the Stuart Theatre in Boston in the late 1960's and you offered the little boy inside your plastic cocoon, please email me at allyn (at) Lets correspond!

Now that I am a grown man here in Bellingham, I do not have to rely upon others to cover me in the rain because now I have a collection of clear plastic rainwear of all types, including the line of illuminated raincoats. I now always cover myself in the rain with garmens such as this coat, which I constructed from a heavy clear plastic slipcover. After wearing this for a few days to test it and make sure that it keeps me dry, I donated it and it had sold for over $150.00 at a charity auction.

The red and green suit that I am wearing is among my first hand made clothing dating back about 12 years. I made this so that I could participate in a joint and WGBH TV fund-raiser held in Boston during Christmas of 1999. It turned out that people from both companies considered the suit an heirloom.