Close Up Detail Of Raincoat Belt
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Close Up Detail Of Raincoat Belt
This is the last belt that I made with a buckle that I did not make.

These belt buckles are too lame for my artistic raincoats!

Soon after making this raincoat, I self taught myself gas tungsten arc welding and started to make all of my own belt buckles.

This also marks my transition from using colored piping on my clear belts.

The newer clear vinyl belts I make from much heavier material and don't need piping.

I have also migrated from using any piping anywhere on my rainwear. I like the rainwear to be clean from distractions. The only place I may use piping is where the raincoat will get the most wear, which is the hem and the collar. Even there, I am looking at alternatives such as very heavy vinyl piping or even flexible vinyl hose material for bindings for hems and collars.

I love to be transparent when I am out in the rain!