Clear Raincoat With Cabinet Handle Belt Loops
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Clear Raincoat With Cabinet Handle Belt Loops
While constructing this garment, I wanted to have it as art as well as utilitarian.

The belt for this raincoat consists of bicycle chain encased in clear vinyl and uses two interlinking metal peace symbols for the buckle.

The peace symbols are actually both steel and brass that are welded together.

This is my first attempt to weld brass to stainless steel, which is very difficult.

These peace symbols are actually my third set as the first two were ruined when I used too much heat and caused the zinc in the brass to boil off early, leaving a big mess.

The belt loops are constructed of antique furniture drawer handles.

The fine folks at the Rebuilding Center" in Portland had a lot of these drawer handles for just a few cents.

If you have ever ridden in a taxi with seats that are covered with heavy clear vinyl; then you know what kind of plastic I used for this raincoat.

A few people tried to buy this coat off my back while I was wearing it in the rain. I ended up giving it to a charity auction.